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Dec 31, 2012 2:50am EST
hernandez. as part of a deal with prosecutors, kuros wore a body wire and approached hernandez at a party. kuros said he hired hernandez for $10,000 to kill garrett warren. on the tape, hernandez made clear he didn't waste any of that money on transportation. >> i used my own car. >> hernandez can be heard saying he's sorry he didn't manage to kill garrett warren. >> i apologize, i'm not a good shot. >> and hernandez made clear he was ready to try again. >> get the guns or whatever and we'll finish it off if that's what you need. >> speaking to prosecutor hun chun, kuros explained his own involvement, that he had been paid to hire hernandez as a hit man, and he explained where the trail led. >> mr. kuros told you that he didn't do it but that he was in on the planning. >> right. >> and that he did it at the behest of his friend, manuel harrow. >> manny harrow was miguel kuros' longtime friend. they worked together in the pizza business and the drug business. if the last name harrow sounds familiar, it should. manny's sister claudia is garrett warren's ex-wife. prosecutor chun says that ex
Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm PST
n deportiva , hablaremos del chicharito hernandez , y el manchester united , también el nuevo presidente deportivo del rebaño sagrado , que también será el presidente deportivo de chivas usa , esto y más al volver ya volvemos no se vaya . >>> los deportes el chicharito hernandez se vistio de héroe ,y ahora las chivas de guadalajara , cambiaron de presidente . >>> bueno aquí alejandro luna con la acción deportiva , saludos a ustedes , soy alejandro luna , jorge vergara presento vía satélite a su nuevo presidente deportivo , tanto del declaró vergara polemicamente , también dijo que chivas de guadalajara , no tiene perdedores sólo quedan ganadores . >>> por que a final de cuenta , si me quedara con fracasados , los que no han podido tener éxito no están en chivas , con el conocimiento para saber lo que es chivas y lo que se requiere par obtener resultado . >>> por que yo también tengo la obligacion de hacer las cosas com o se deben hacer por otraq parte , le diremos como le fue a chicharito hernandez en su partido del manchester united ante newcastle ,en el minuto 4 , abre n
Dec 16, 2012 8:00pm PST
in the south bay for over 35 years. it is my pleasure to introduce our first honoree. izatzi hernandez. [applause] she is the program prevention substance abuse coordinator at the health center. she is a mother of two and she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology. she serves as a board member for the american indian alliance of santa clara county and actively engaged with san jose inter community and works with healthy styles and life choices and has been chaired san jose power wow and held in year. each her they hold a sporting event to bring natives together to promote wellness. she believes in these events lie the developing in youth the sense of self worth and resiliency necessary for them to succeed. she prides herself in the design and implementation of an art curriculum that includes, but not limited to bead work, dancing and sewing and a firm believer in these traditions and intrinsic values instill solidity and pride in being responsible individuals in a contemporary landscape. in addition her years of dance experience has lead her to be a respected and decorated a
Dec 10, 2012 2:00am PST
hernandez of the nature conservancy. the environmentalist says it only looks this green because the rainy season just ended. >> the effects of climate change have become apparent in chiapas in the past 15 years in the form of natural disasters triggered by tropical storms that have caused landslides and flooding in numerous villages and communities in chiapas. deforestation is one of the main reasons -- not only because it aggravates climate change, but because it worsens the production conditions for the people and their prospects for the future. >> not until an altitude of 1,000 meters do we find healthy forest in chiapas. the trees up here help regulate the water cycle in a natural way. they collect rainwater and release it again slowly. losing the trees can have fatal results. in 1998 the village of valdivia was leveled by disastrous flooding that followed weeks of rain. this is where the elementary school once stood. >> it was 4:00 in the morning when the river burst its banks. the water was four or five meters deep. when the people realized what was going on they tried to flee to a
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> muchos jugadores de fútbol americano , lesionados y el chicharito hernandez ,se volvió a lucir una vez más vamos con alejandro luna ty la información de los de . >>> hora -. >>> deportes . >>> hola que tal el chicharito hernandez fue figura con el manchester united , ante newcastle y alex ferguson , confio una vez más , primero recibió el de james , viene la respuesta del manchester united , con gol de emas , 1 a 1 , ahí una mala tarde poara evans , le toca uno en contra autogol y newcastle 2 a 1 , evra , pone el 2 a 2 , cisse aparece para poner 3 a 2 , el marcador con està anotacion de van persie , empataba cartones y finamente cierra el chicharito hernandez , anota el 4 a 3 , el gol de la victoria en otro de los encuentros sunderland ante manchester city , 53 en el estadio de la luz , sunderland , ante city , gana el cuadro del sunderland 1 a 0 adam jhonson el anotador en mexico jorge vergara presento el presidente , deportivo , el angelino que declaró . >>> el objetivo es que chivas de guadalajara sea un equipo ganador es importante dar seguimiento voy a apoyar y hacer cambios do
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
for the first time. edward hernandez was almost home when he was shot and killed early sunday morning in aspen hill, maryland. police believe that the killers were out to rob him. pat collins spoke to the victim's grieving brother who asking for justice. >> translator: today was my brother, tomorrow might be somebody else. >> reporter: words of warning from elmer hernandez. the brother of a murdered victim. the two shared an apartment here in aspen hill. elmer campos hernandez, he had the task of calling their mother in el salvador to tell her that her son was suddenly violent and innocently killed here just steps from his home. >> translator: i-only have to live for now on with his memory. >> reporter: the victim, 28-year-old edwin campos hernandez, on saturday night they say he went to a birthday party in wheaton. he took a bus to the party. around 2:00, he came home. he took a taxi. the cab driver dropped him off on grand prix road and then he walked the rest of the way. but as he did, he was jumped by two men. would gunmen. they shot and killed mr. campos hernandez. shot him down there. st
Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm PST
today crews finally shut it off. as jay hernandez reports. >> reporter: this 80-foot long 40-foot wide and 15-foot deep hole. >> when i wake up, all this is water. >> reporter: outside of his window you can see crews working. early morning rain cracked the sidewalk. but yesterday afternoon the situation got worse. >> i heard the boom. >> the massive sink hole is feet from his doorstep. the station installation of a trash rack is meant to keep debris from clogging the creek. hard rain swept through and washed away what little protection the rack offered. >> we had a ton of debris come down, large log six sections. there is a bureau sitting in the creek. >> the city faces damage estimates in six figures. greg arthur's curiosity pulled this landscape architect from his office. >> i am always curious when water moves and soil moves what causes it to happen. >> prevention may come from city and neighborhood effort. >> it is an on going thing. just like your backyard. you have to clean your leaves. the creeks are the same. >> this road will remain closed until early summer when a permanent
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm PST
dangerous carcinogens have been detected. ktvu's jade hernandez is live to tell us why retailers are being taken to court. >> this is one of the products that contain as high level of cancer causing flame retardant. it is just one project with a foam pad sold at target. >> reporter: these new parents trust the stores and companies where they buy their baby products. >> there is a sense of implied protection. >> reporter: but today they said they are headed to court and taking big named retailers with them. >> you don't need chemicals to make children's products safe. your demand is to take out the toxic chemicals and not replace them with some other chemical cousin. >> reporter: they tested products for cancer causing flame retardants. only 5 items contained safe levels. the law requires foam inside furniture to with stand a flame for 12 seconds. pushing companies to use high levels. >> the highest level in human bodies are in california. the highest levels in california are in babies. >> these products don't have ingredient lists. >> reporter: without a definite way to determine, the cent
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >>> the north bay is getting hit first and. >> jade hernandez is live, it wasn't raining at 5:00 p.m., what about now? >> reporter: it is very windy. we are at the village, an outdoor mall, if it rains tomorrow, shoppers will be dashing from store to store. >> we will take it as it comes. hoping it is not as bad as they say but we are ready. >> reporter: they knew this weekend's weather may cause problems. they held meetings to work on a game plan. today crews cleaned out drains as they do before every storm. >> we have been going around all our different trash hot spots, the intersections tend to gather more trash. >> reporter: across the peninsula at sfo travelers were hoping to avoid the snowstorm slamming the mid-west. >> weather in chicago, we have seen a handful of delays chicago today -- delays to chicago. >> reporter: heavy rain, plus busier than usual terminals. >> tomorrow will be the bizziast a day. we will see -- busiest day. we will see thousands of travelers. >> reporter: they made a hotel reservation in chicago. >> nothing else you can do. can't change the weather. >> reporte
Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm EST
vecindario en encuentra consuel muerte de su sobrino... edwin alexander hernandez quien fue baleado casi en la puerta de su apartamento en aspen hill maryland...en este lugar...en la acera, cayo su cuerpo.. aun con vida... "era un muchacho bien honesto, si a veces salia pero no era un muchacho que estaria buscando problemas" edwin tenia 28-aÑos y trabajaba en pintura para ayudar a sus familiares en el salvador... en la madrugada de ayer, en la cuadra 3-mil 700 de la bel pre, edwin con un amigo regresaban a su apartamento, cuando en este camino, fueron sorprendid os al parecer por dos hombres... una vecina, quien no quiere mostrar su rostro, escucho cinco disparos... ella salio para ayudarlo..."me asomei cuenta de que le estaban robando a uno de los muchachos, despues me di cuenta que habian muchos disparos y no pude ver a la persona que disparo y fue cuando el muchacho quedo agonizando" la policia de montgomery esta investigando... "necesitamos que la comunidad se solidarice con nosotros, con la familia y con la victima y que nos diga exactamento si tienen alguna informacio
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am EST
kuros said he hired hernandez for $10,000 to kill garrett warren. on the tape, hernandez made clear he didn't waste any of that money on transportation. >> i used my own c >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in a new york city hospital with a blood clot. details ahead. >>> looking over the fiscal cliff. is a last-second deal even possible? >>> kim kardashian and kanye west expecting a baby. >>> new year's eve preps and the new york giants open their hearts to the families of newtown, connecticut. "early today" starts right now. >>> and a very good morning to you on this new year's eve. it's nice to see you this morning. i'm veronica de la cruz. we begin with secretary of state hillary clinton in the hospital. clinton was admitted to new york presbyterian hospital after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained earlier this month. the clot was discovered during a followup exam sunday. she's being treated with blood thinners, and doctors will monitor the medication over the next two days. the 65-year-old clinton fell and suffered a concussion when
Dec 11, 2012 4:00am PST
aaron hernandez. patriots up 7-0. tom brady said, quote, this game is hugely important to our season. texans trying to answer. matt schaub looking for walter. picked off by devin mccourty. his fourth interception of the season. the patriots "d" lead the nfc in takeaways. ensuing pats possession. brady, finds brandon lloyd. might want to play some defense. brady putting on a clinic. new england up 13-0. third drive of the game for new england. brady recognized no one's covering hernandez. quick out. touchdown. see it again here. hernandez yelling, brady, i'm hope, give it to me. i'll get in. patriots up 21-0. fourth quarter we go. patriots up 28-7. brady, to danny woodhead. check out j.j. watts. phenomenal player. tracks him down, punches it out. then, it's lloyd, johnny on the spot. falls on it for the touchdown. brady, four touchdowns in the game. patriots win 42-14. improving to 10-3. they've now won seven in a row. >>> that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. >>> if those were the highlights, let's call this the low-lights. it comes to us from sunday
Dec 15, 2012 10:00pm PST
of a residential building where the man is hold up. jade hernandez is live at california and larkin with late details. jade? >> ken, police say a man who's threatening he has a weapon is refusing to come outside his apartment. traffic is being diverted from california to larkin and the streets between larkin and hyde are closed. no pedestrian traffic is being allowed through at this hour. 30 minutes ago, san francisco police spokesman told us a hostage negotiator is out here. the department has a s.w.a.t. team and their technical command post set up. police cannot confirm whether or not this man has a person inside the apartment with him. but let's take a look at the video we captured earlier when we arrived, which was shortly after police arrived here in the 1400 block of california. officer carlos tells us dispatchers received a call about 6:30 this evening from a man who told them he had overheard a domestic dispute next door. when the neighbor tried to find out what was wrong, the man threatened him, saying he had a weapon. when officers arrived, they called for backup. that's when tactic
Dec 1, 2012 10:30am PST
] jones, [speaker not understood]. ramon hernandez and josh arsey. >>> thank you, supervisors. i'm dennis mc kenzie, long-time consulting education. that's my major private practice where i develop education proposals including cross cultural, sports education exchange programs. also the past 11 years been teaching in the public high schools here in san francisco. i'm here once again on behalf of our students and high school college and all of our youth. as i propose to you and the warriors, everyone involved, for this arena to include within it -- within the arena itself a high school education and career development classroom which could be accessible all year round. arenas in this country, this is a perfect example and opportunity to create a model frat silt. d -- facility. i believe sports is [speaker not understood]. to include a high school classroom which these are inherently educational methodologies that can be utilized and expanded. as we all know the education system in this country is far beyond -- well, is far behind a lot of countries in the world today because of our priori
Dec 30, 2012 3:00am PST
1/2-year-old girl bundled in blankets and looking up at officer hernandez with her big blue eyes. >> the first thing i thought when i saw her from the simpsons, she looked like little star all bundled up. >> reporter: why panhandle in the cold with a young child. their story checked out and tugged at officer hernandez's heart strings. >> they were panhandling to get enough money for one of the parents to follow the rest of the family to the hospital in denver. >> reporter: the little girl already had heart surgery and her follow up appointment is in denver soon. the family had enough money for the girl and the mother and all they needed was a bus ticket. officer hernandez bought one way. >> what made you do that? >> i have a child that was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and i know how hard it can be when you have to deal with medications and additional care and it puts a burden on the family and that's pretty much. >> our thanks to anna for that report. >>> with the new year comes new laws. from marijuana to marriage and so much more. a look at what's legal and what's not in 20
Dec 2, 2012 5:00pm PST
. residents took what they could and headed out. coming up, ktvu's jade hernandez will have a live report from this flooded mobile home park on the clean up. >>> this storm packed a punch bringing down trees and filling rivers and creation. a tree fell on to a parked -- creeks. a tree fell on to a parked tree here. the tree, roots and all toppled over bringing with it part of the sidewalk as well. >> in the north bay, a viewer sent us this video of fairfax creek. this is what it looked like before 9:00 a.m. this morning. it was one of several swatter ways. in the south bay, in san jose, partially flooded. drivers took their time navigating through the streets. send us your pictures, post them on facebook also or tweet them at ktvu. >>> the chiefs held a moment of silence today for domestic violence. the players were quiet coming back into the locker room this afternoon. yesterday linebacker jovan belcher shot himself in front of the general manager and the head coach after killing his girlfriend. the chief's owner and fans reacted to the murder-suicide. >> we have so many guys on the team and
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
, tengo que salir adelante. >> por otro lado se termino con el chicharito hernandez y los juegos se juegon 5, 12 y 13 de marzo, arsenal contra bayer munich, el milan contra el barcelona, el equipo sorpresa del futbol,hasta aqui con acción deportivbva. >> gracias y prepare el praguas, qué tal guillermo. >> gracias buenas noches vamos al vistazo que nos va a molestar, ya entra al norte de california, realmente es grande el sistema y se queda con nosotros los próximos tres dias y las advertencias son fuertes nevcadas cerca de la costa y la presencia de alto oleaje, temperaturas entre los 45 y 48 en la bahia, por allá en stockton y modesto estaran en los 39, mire como se extiende y para navidad estara saliendo el sol, frio pero finalmente seco, con ese descenso en la temperatura y las lluvias llegan para quedarse, mañana nos vemos con más, hasta luego. >> >>> un estudio señala que las peleas entre hermanos podrian llevar a la baj autoestmia y problema de depresion los adolescentes que peleaban por justicia tenian más niveles de depresion y por el espacio, tenian más ansiedad y autoest
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
. >>> safety desean golson has been fined for this hit here on patriots tight end aaron hernandez. the nfl says it was a helmet to helmet hit. he plans to appeal. it's not his first fine. he's out more than $75,000 for advisor infractions going -- various infractions. >>> when you're having a lousy season, the quarterback usually gets blamed. such is the case with carson palmer. some have been calling for tarell prior to get more action. the offensive coordinator says he plans to give pryor more snaps on sunday. he got 2 handoffs and this incomplete pass. >> when it's time for me to get a lot of reps and i get comfortable, i'll have success. i really truly believe that. >> the thing that i can say is that he continues to work. and he wants to be good. and i think as long as he's got that type of attitude and he's going to continue to work, there's a chance that he's going to develop. >> the raiders in carolina sunday then wrap up in san diego. >>> bowl season is officially here. tonight the poinsettia bowl byu and san diego. byu scored 3 touchdown s in a 6-minute span. this pick pd put the ga
Dec 24, 2012 2:30am PST
and carrying on but we're not dancing. we have dr. hernandez and chairman and the commissioners and i think allen is here and the public tenant housing and gina and lots of associates and i want alex to step out for a second. we couldn't do this without speaker -- i mean leader pelosi and soon speaker again and all of these folks. it takes a village to get this done. i know to my friends and colleague i have been a pain and to one guy i need to say a special thanks and step up here for a minute and this is important. i spent 18 hours on a plan and bugging him about the grants and we're in the middle seats and six and a half ride from dc and all he did was smile so i want to say thank you for believing in us and going after the two grants and everyone thank you very much. it's our absolute pleasure. yay giants. yay 49ers, the commissioner is here as well and thank you for being here. i really appreciate it. >> hi, thank you all for coming here today. i am the costume and tle
Dec 18, 2012 4:30am EST
, the brother of the victim is planning to speak publicly today. 28-year-old edwin hernandez was killed early sunday morning near wheaton lund. two men approached them and he was shot following a verbal exchange. his brother has been speaking to the media about how the crime has affected the family and he's asking for the public's help in finding the killers. a man accused of murdering a jewelry store owner in arlington has been indicted. tommy wong was shot and killed at his store in columbia pike in july. an arlington county grand jury indicted james caroline on capital murder and weapons charges. he's expected in court thursday when a trial date will be set. >> investigators need help to find a man suspected of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in her woodbrige home. the man posed as a cable company employee and threatened the victim to go into the home where he attacked her at knifepoint. the suspect is believed to be in his 20s with a medium build last seen wearing a gray jacket richard, black pants and dark dress shoes. >> there will be motions hearing today in the case against joh
Dec 12, 2012 4:30am PST
hernandez was arrested for the crime. despite confessing, he is expected to plead not guilty. the defense says their case will revolve around hernandez's mental state. >>> michigan governor rick snyder signed right to work legislation into law making it the 24th state to do so. it came after thousands of union supporters protested at the capital. right to work makes it illegal to require workers to join a union or to pay dues as a condition of employment. >>> today president obama will hold a conference call with some of the nation's mayors and community leaders all about that "fiscal cliff." the president and house speaker john boehner talked on the phone last night. the white house lowered the amount of revenue it wants to generate from taxes. republicans say they are still waiting to hear from the president about spending cuts. >>> today the federal reserve is expected to announce a revamped bond buying plan to help boost the economy. the fed's goal is to keep interest rates low and encourage individuals and companies to borrow and spend. experts say that could at least soften the blow
Dec 1, 2012 10:00pm PST
to flood stage in the next few hours. ktvu's jade hernandez was in flood-prone guerneville and joins us live from a fire station in forestville. >> reporter: that is right, the roads are wet and there has been steady light rain since sundown. it appears threats of nearby guerneville are going to see how much rain they get before they start filling their own sandbags. they took orders by phone, so customers could honker down into today's study, but light rain. >> everyone is talking about it and said this is minor compared how to it has been. >> reporter: shirley banner remembers of flood of '86 where the russian river rose to 17' above flood level. >> everybody comes by here to go to the bridge and see how high it is. >> reporter: in the dark it's hard to tell but the national weather service reports that the river is well below any flooding stage. residents are used to watching and waiting. >> they should be prepared and everything ready to go and have food in the house. >> i think that i'm going to just watch it for the next few days. >> reporter: his art along with the pieces fro
Dec 8, 2012 10:00pm PST
of violence, but today gunfire erupted in jack london square with deadly consequences. jade hernandez talked to those who heard the gunshots. >> reporter: several callers told dispatch to send officers to 3rd and franklin this afternoon. >> we got multiple calls of gunshots at the it 2:45 today and we pound the victim laying out in have the. >> reporter: paramedics couldn't save the man suffering from gunshot wounds and detectives should down the street and interviewed witnesses and employees inside the oakland grill. >> while we were parking we heard some -- sounds like firecrackers going off. i was saying whoo and thinking that noise we heard could have been gunshots. >> reporter: police told these three oakland residents their cars were sitting inside the crime scene. >> we didn't see anything and apparently we parked about exactly the time that it happened. >> very surprising and shocking and very tragic. >> reporter: jack london square is known for its restaurants and shopping. recently luxury condos have popped up, but today's shooting took place in front of the garage entrance, pu
Dec 13, 2012 5:00pm PST
. this is a glimpse of what could be permanent in years to come. ktvu's jade hernandez is live to explain this. >> reporter: today's king tides pushed the waters to 7.9 feet. you can see where the waters hit the rocks earlier today. in other areas, experts walked through watery trails around the water front. >> king tied, the sun and the moon are using their gravitational pull and the tied is extremely high. >> this is a reminder that we are not in control. >> reporter: she showed us where the high tide pushed water over this bay trail. >> effects the birds, the trail, as you can see. this is something that doesn't happen even every year. >> reporter: comparing king tides and future sea levels. >> reporter: last week's storm with this tied you would see problems on roads, in neighborhoods. there is a marsh behind us, if you get over flows you would have water problems in the bay. >> reporter: the street flooded. he used the tied to his advantage and searched for a rare bird. >> i also know when you have high tide like this it pushes the shoreline bird specs to where you can see them -- species
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
attacks, including the one in san francisco that left 9 people. ktvu's jade hernandez is live to tell us how a nra supporter is entering the mix. >> reporter: west virginia senator who is a democrat and nra member is talking gun regulation and leland yee is pushing for measures in the state. we decided to take this debate into the classroom. >> this is an ar15 rifle. >> reporter: he teaches his studentsp how to use -- students how to use these weapons. >> we are making the choice now, as a business owner, if people are an anti-depressants we are not going to teach them. >> he posted a flier against leland yee's proposal to allow guns reloaded with multiple loads of ammunition. leland yee was in chicago hoping to revive it. >> i think there is an assault weapon ban. the law was passed, signed by the manufacturer, however they found a loophole in the law by modifying these weapons with a bullet button. >> student isn't giving up his legal weapon. >> prior to coming here, all my friends are all these shootings, what do you think about it, i said all these shootings i personally think that,
Dec 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> the north bay will get hit the hardest, up to 5 inches of rain. ktvu's jade hernandez continues our storm watch coverage now. >> reporter: it hasn't started raining here yet but the rain may cause problems for shoppers because this is an outdoor mall and it may delay travelers so one city prepped for the worst. >> reporter: we found pacifica cleaning up storm drains this afternoon. they installed a trash capture device on the top of the drain that workers monitor before and after storms. we want to make sure the stuff doesn't wash down into the storm drain and go out into the ocean. >> reporter: they have a plan for this weekend and christmas week. >> talking about who was going a be available, what crews will be called first. >> reporter: across the peninsula at sfo they aren't sure they will make it to whisk because of the storm -- to wisconsin because of the storm. >> we have reservations already. >> reporter: this canceled flights throughout the mid- west. sfo is bracing for big holiday crowds tomorrow. >> the forecast is for rain, we will see if mother nature has that in store for us
Dec 22, 2012 10:00pm PST
with jade hernandez live in oakland. >> reporter: maureen, it is raining. we are live in just one of the cities where it's raining tonight. a few hours ago, not far from here that outage left more than a thousand residents without power. public works crews were busy mopping up rain related issues all day. dryers couldn't get past the mud to highway 24 in lafayette. rain drenched oakland and other parts of the bay area. in san francisco wind and water battering this awning may have helped it collapse on to a tree and car. >> i just was thanking god that me and my family wasn't in there. we were in the car last night. >> these photos show the inside of the awnings rusty base filled with water. a tarp corrects the car now. she won't be driving home tonight. >> the hood is in and the whole window is out. the trunk is like -- it's just bent down. >> reporter: as city public works crews chipped away, another problem continued to keep drivers from using all lanes. back in the east bay in oakland, a fallen tree limb shut off electricity to 1500 customers around 6 tonight. >> tree fell acr
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
to the hospital including the teenagers inside the car. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in concord with what police suspect the driver may have been doing right before the crash, jade. >> reporter: well ken this impact shook this funeral chapel so hard that everyone inside thought there had been an earthquake. there's deep gashes in the ground. the front of the building is boarded up and there's a pile of debris still out front. but what you can't see is how close one man says he claim to not ringing in the new year. at first glance there was the nose of the chevy nova. it was sticking aout of -- out of the chap -l and debris was everywhere. with the arms around those who had been ushered outside of the side room was inside, they were grateful. >> literally sends after i had been in the side room, the car careened into the building. >> reporter: inside the funeral home the car struck a man who lingered in the foyer before services began. sending the 62-year-old to the hospital as well. >> there's significant damage inside the building that goes into the foyer of the chapel. the second driver who w
Dec 20, 2012 10:00pm PST
by the league for that hit on patriot's tight end aaron hernandez on sunday. the hit not only cost golden some money, but he is now being deemed, "a repeat offender." that's all by the league. when you've got that hanging around your head, your reputation is not good. >> yes, need to finish the season too. >> thanks. >>> and that's it for us. see you at 11:00 for cbs5. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
Dec 4, 2012 2:00am PST
and that hunting with spears is clearly inhumane. miguel hernandez and his group have gathered 30,000 signatures, but so far, it has been in vain. now he fears animal protection laws will become more lax than the real danger here is that some groups will see the crisis as an opportunity for turning back time. in terms of environmental protection and hunting as well. >> in crisis-wracked spain, the desperation to create jobs is producing questionable business models like providing a license to kill wild boars with lances. economic considerations aside, animal rights activists insist the practice does not present a pretty picture. >> i'm sure you will have your own views on that one. as a euro crisis crimes on, people all over europe are looking for safer ways to invest their money. in many countries, they believe the answer lies in property. property prices on many big cities are still booming, and that means there is a shortage of affordable housing for students or low-income families. people being priced out of a home has become a major problem in hamburg in germany with many people forced to l
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
conductores qingieren bebidas alcoholicas, una medida que aplaude a demir hernandez >> no tenemos que ir muy largo la muchacha que acaba de atropellar a una señora por ir con alcohol, está muy bien la idea >> castigar al conductor instalando un alcoholimetro puede ayudar los colo accidentes y fatalalidades. >> tenemos que pensar enestos padres y madres, qude quienes han tenido el consumo del alcohol quemos prevenir este tipo de suf rimiento, sol así estas personas aprenderan la leccion >> ¿te gusta la idea que instalen los alcoholimetros? >> es un poco fuerte >> el alcoholimetro mide el nivel de alcohol antes que tome el volante >> son castigos más fuertes, esperemos que ayude a la gente de ser más concientes, y planeen sus actividades antes de ir a la fiesta. >> hasta el momento la patrulla del condado de san mateo reporta 128 arrestos, 0 fatalidades. >> precisamente hay un costo asociado por la instalación de los alcoholimetros y debe ser, las personas pueden recibir ayuda del gobierno, y no debe tomar si va a manejar, regresamos contigo. >> muchas gracias por tu reporte, para este
Dec 18, 2012 11:35pm PST
husband does have one. >> reporter: edgar hernandez was just out window shopping. >> i came in to look for a new long gun for my collection. >> reporter: pete has owned this store for 30 years. >> there's more and more first-time gun buyers than i can ever remember. people who 20 years ago would have never dreamed of owning a firearm. >> there you go. ready to rock 'n' roll. >> reporter: in the wake of the massacre at newtown, the people willing to consider putting their hand on the trigger has risen. >> the media and the government are talking about more gun legislation, so therefore, they're deciding well, perhaps i should take action now. >> reporter: despite the cash registers ringing, it's not an easy time to be in the gun business. walmart, the nation's largest seller of guns and ammunition, has pulled their version of the bushmaster semiautomatic rifle similar to the one used in the shooting off its website. outdoor retailer cabella's has decided not to carry the gun used in the shooting in its one store in connecticut. while dick's sporting goods is taking it a step further. co
Dec 11, 2012 12:00am PST
of the 4 touch down passes to hernandez. 7 nothing patriots. he's mixing up the potion there. lesson for the niners. watch the play action fake because he will throw to it former niner. wide open. 37 yards. 21 nothing patriots at the half. third quarter dropping the biscuit in the basket. dante made a 1 handed catch. 63 yard score 28 nothing over houston. 11 and 1 and when going your way it's going your way. screen pass to little danny who makes a couple of nice moves b punched out but right to lloyd for the touch down. thank you very much. patriots destroy houston. 49ers they have suspended ru running back jacob for the final 3 games of the regular season without pay. jacob frustrated because he never gets to play. tweeting that he is rotting on this team. it has been my experience that most management frowns on such expression. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> for some crazy reason. >> i don't know why. >> thank you very much. >> up next. man who won nearly 200 million dollars. >> will he keep his did you get chips for the party? nope. cheese plate
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